ICT Independent Consulting’s (ICTIC) mission is to provide the best independent advice and servicing to both schools and businesses throughout the Midlands area.

ICT Independent Consulting was formed on 1st February 2006 as an ICT service to both schools and businesses in the Midlands region. It is believed that our considerable experience with Windows networks and Research Machines (RM) systems will fill an identified need in education and business.


For any new potential support customer we offer a FREE no obligation ICT health audit of your network.

Services Provided

ICTIC is able to offer the following services:

  • Regular support visits to your school or business combined with remote support.
  • Temporary part time ICT Technician services in the event of permanent staff resignation, sickness or vacation.
  • ICT Consultancy and advice on current and future needs including procurement.
  • Training and advice to school’s permanent ICT staff.
  • iPad setup and integration.
  • G-Suite and Office 365 consultation and training.
  • E-Safety and Safeguarding advice.
  • Staff training on a wide range of products and services